Get immersed in these grotesque and brutally vivid images.

Through a variety of two-dimensional images, three-dimensional media, and wall installations, I create artworks that intrigue viewers and evoke a desire to investigate the forms, materials, colors, and images used in my pieces. My process begins by rigorously collecting and archiving found medical imagery. I am intrigued by pictures of botched plastic surgery, deformities, infections, and 1980s B horror films. While many people might find these types of images grotesque, they resonate with me because of their color scheme, their organic beauty, and a sensation similar to the uncanny valley--where something about the imagery does not quite feel normal.  
After selecting and combining images that appeal to me I use them as references to begin abstracting what I see. The process of making my work, regardless of media, is intuitive. I instinctually select color palettes, forms, and textures without too much hesitation. Over time, I developed rules for myself to create momentum for each piece. For many pieces, I limited myself to the type of shapes I used as protrusions and decided that no two shapes could be alike. I continue this invented system using subjective associations and formal parallels as guides. Ultimately the pieces turn out much differently than the referenced imagery, where no recognizable forms are apparent. 
The process of abstraction and transformation allows multi-layered images to arise and highlights the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality. I find satisfaction in the resulting ambiguous forms because they allow audience interpretation to become multi-faceted. Through a combination of media, systems, and overall abstractions I create fantasy spaces that both seduce and repel the viewer.



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